Chi Nguyen is a highly accomplished optometrist by trade and an amazingly talented photographer by passion.  Her photographic journey began when she took nine months sabbatical from her optometric career after September 11, 2001 to travel the world.  During this trip, she armed herself with 200+ rolls of Kodachrome slide film and her very first camera, a Canon EOS Rebel.  Her goal was to document her trip so she can share her experiences with friends and family.  Little did she know that upon her return, her images would be published in newspapers, displayed in exhibits, and win multiple awards.

Since 2002, Chi continues to build her optometric career whilst honing her photographic skills with frequent world travel.  Her documentary/journalistic style and gifted ability to build rapport with her subjects enables her to capture intimate and personal images, even in the most sensitive and volatile places such as rural regions of Kashmir and Peshawar, Pakistan.  To date, Chi has traveled to six of the seven continents, with the exception of Antarctica – however, she hopes to overcome her dislike for cold weather and travel there one day.

Between travels, Chi dedicates her time to perfecting her photography skills and took on projects such as shooting landscapes; public events; model portfolios; high school seniors and families. She believes that this practice would allow her to become a stronger documentarian and well-rounded photographer.

After the birth of her two children, Chi expanded her photography to include children portraiture.  It was natural for Chi to successfully incorporate her deep passion for fashion and the fine arts into her creative photographic style while still preserving the innocent and pure nature of her subjects – something that is of utmost importance to her, regardless of age.

Chi’s mission in life, as well as in her photography, is to find balance between expression and beauty.  She hopes that her images will reveal how beautiful life is and how blessed we are to have the opportunity to experience.